I never figured when we met
Your history of petty theft, would lead to a homicide
I should have run a background check
Before I asked you to be my, lawfully wedded wife
Blood covered pistol placed in my hand
Honey what's going on?
Blue lights and sirens, it all makes sense
I gotta take the fall

There's no more banging my head up against the prison wall
Waiting for every call
There's no more X's on my calendar
Baby I'll be coming home
To the empty city we once knew as Rome

I've spent five years stuck in this hole
I feel like I have lost my soul, only god knows I'm innocent
Yeah you've been out there on your own
Waiting to hear your voice is how all of my days are spent
Meet with the warden cause it's my time
Honey I'm coming home
Tells me, "sit down son your wife has died"
I got nowhere to go

All of the things I've seen
They just don't mean a thing
All of the things I know
They just don't matter...
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X's On My Calendar Lyrics

Beneath The Sheets – X's On My Calendar Lyrics