Oh, and this is also life. Worshiping imperfection and no
One ever answers.
Young innocent, only a child, your first born taken from
Oh, and this is also life; followed the commandments and
Now betrayed by your God.
Oh, and this is also life; lived your life by the book
And now betrayed by your
God. Worshiping imperfection and no one ever answers.
Begging the sky but nothing happens. Why would he have
Let you down? God of
Mercy now seems to you like nothing but a bringer of pain
And imperfection.
Begging for nothing. Worshiping imperfection. Oh, and
This is also life. And
She can't explain herself why her son was taken.
She begs the sky to give him back but no one ever answers
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Grief Lyrics

Beneath The Massacre – Grief Lyrics