Has anybody told u
I just wanna hold u 
Take yo hand and go to the coupe like whoa
Baby let me show u 
Put on a lil show too 
Take u to the the crib
And hit them high high notes

So u wanna go to island 
Know some people that live on the island 
Chauffeur outside of the airport when I land 
Need a crib for the night easy 5 bands 
Booty so thick might need 5 hands
And them legs they could go in a fry pan
Na I’m playin but for real I’m cryin 
Baby just let me inside it 

That’s my broad 
I put that on my ma 
And she’s look better when she got no make up on 
Took them Nike’s off her put her in some Saint Laurent 
Lob it off the backboard like Larry Nance and then I dunk 

Filet Minton 
An a lil Louis Vuitton 
And She said congratulations to all the things I done
And I swear I had the same dream ever since I was young 
I just knew that one day I’d be sittin on the throne

Girl let’s make a toast 
Girl let’s make a toast
Girl let’s make a toast
Do it for the west coast
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High Notes Lyrics

Ben Green – High Notes Lyrics

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