I've only seen her
But that's enough
I wanna make her mine

Never heard her voice
Never seen her smile
But I'm in love
(With Saskia Hamilton)

Well she's a poet just like I wanna be
But her passport alone is great poetry
Yeah I'm in love with Saskiaaa Hamilton

She's got more assonance
She knows what to do
I'm in love with Saskia Hamilton

She's got two sibilant bilabial plosives
Saskia Hamilton(x2)
Saskia Hamilton(x2)
Saskia Saskia Saskia

Already have a girl but she sounds real bad
I am in love with Saskia Hamilton

She's got alliteration
... In a sky
Oh! Saskia Hamilton

No heart consonant in my girl Saskia
Every single syllable sounds like Shakespeare
I'm in love with Saskiaaa

Got a leap of her and it will be harmonious
How could it not be when she's that euphonious
Gonna marry her an it will be idyllic
And my teacher just told me she's dactylic

Saskia Hamilton(x2)
Saskia Hamilton(x2)
Saskia Saskia Saskiaaaa
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Saskia Hamilton Lyrics

Ben Fold & Nick Hornby – Saskia Hamilton Lyrics

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