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Watch What Happens (Reprise) Lyrics

Ben Fankhauser – Watch What Happens (Reprise) Lyrics

There's no way I am putting them kids back in danger

Tell me how quitting does Crutchie any good

So here's how it goes once we win
And we will be winning
Make no mistake

We'll be what?

We're already winning


And we'll tell them straight out
They let Crutchie go or they keep getting pounded

Dave, what the hell?
Did they bust up your brains or somethin'?
As I recall Dave we all got our asses kicked
They won

Won the battle

Oh come on

Jack-y think about it, we got them surrounded

Here's where I think Joe's a jerk
He's a rattle snake

You're right, and you know why a snake starts to rattle?

No, why?

'Cause he's scared


Go and look it up
The poor guys head is spinning
Why would he send for the goons, an entire army?
Dozens of goons and the cops, and

You know you may be right

Thank you, God!
If he wasn't afraid


He knows we're winning

Get those kids to see we're circling victory
And watch what happens
We're doing something no one's even tried
And, yes, we're terrified
But watch what happens

You can't undo the past

So just move on and

Stay on track

(Stay on track!)

'Cause humpty dumpty is about to crack

We've got faith!

We've got the plan!

And we've got Jack!

So just watch what happens
We're back!

And I've got a date!
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