(Still) though you took my car
(Still) I know you won't get far
You'll be sitting still

(Still) when a mile has passed
(Still) you'll run out of gas
You'll be sitting still

I've lost count of the hours
And I've lost track of the time
And you know why, darling
I lost my watch

In fact, I lost a lot of things
When you went away
What are you gonna do
With all my junk

But still I cling to the memory
Of when we used to go together
Why I must have gone with you for
Ain't that something
I can't even remember
What I went with you for

But I do remember the nights
When we'd stroll hand in hand
And I'd look up at the sky
And recite your favorite poem
Starkle, starkle, little twink

Oh, yeah, that reminds me
I've been reading so much
About the evils of drinking
That I've decided to give it up
So I quit reading

Now I don't drink
Anything stronger than pop
Of course Pop will drink
Just about anything

(Still) I wish I had a
(Still) and then every day
I'd run my still

This flame in my heart
Is like an eternal fire
It's the worst case of
Heartburn I've ever had
And I haven't been able to put out
Not one little flicker
Not even with all this beer
I mean tears

My friends think that I'm crazy
And maybe I am
But I'll carry this torch
Just as long as I can

But you know that one of these days
It's gonna get awful short
And if I don't drop it, well
Someday you may just
Come home and find that
I've made an ash of myself

(Still) though I tote this torch
(Still) it's beginning to scorch
I can't hold still
Ooh, that smarts, ouch
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Still No. 2 Lyrics

Ben Colder – Still No. 2 Lyrics