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Clean Edit Lyrics

Belly – Clean Edit Lyrics

I'll be a good little boy I promise
Just let me back

This shit is stereotypical
Blame rap, yeah very original
I am not holy or spiritual, you being overly critical
Media throwing subliminals, they wanna make this political
Y'all put the anal in analytical
Reporting the truth is a miracle these days, and we need the proof
Wait, this shit's a phenomenon, middle finger in the air
Hair down and I'm feeling like Chaka Khan
Through the fire no Babylon
Only villain in the ComiCon poppin' M's all night, Shamalan
If she's a 10 and she get the dick, she might just get the decathlon
My liquor darker than the Necro ComicCon
Sprinkle Molly like it's Parmesan
Raised in the jungle, no Amazon
Shouldn't book me during Ramadan
Soccer moms, I'm sorry you left with your ovaries traumatized
But, I'm 'bout to give you a reason to overly dramatize
'Cause I never apologize, unless there's tears in my mama eyes
And I just jet, my mama's fine
Please don't provoke me, I come alive
All this attention it's all over censorship
I won some Grammy's, and y'all didn't mention shit
Nominated for a Oscar, but you wanna stick to the negatives, I see the picture
Shout out CP24, do people even watch TV anymore
My only fear is being poor, they fear me in the Forbes
They gon' hear me on these tours, for sure
Wait, this shit feel just like a witch hunt
Fuck hoe tits ass bitch cunt, got a slick tongue
How crazy is it I'm the rich one?
How crazy is it that you so mad?
When they hear these verse from they own dad
But when I do it, why's it so bad?
Oh well, can't tell, I'm so glad
You know what the fuck I do with a note pad
Fuck outta here
Let's go
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Songwriters: Ahmad Balshe, Matthew Samuels, Nick Brongers
Clean Edit lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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