Forget the moonlight.
I never thought I would be here into the night, my sight is failing fast.
There's something coming now,
I can hear the footsteps pound as my heart is racing, time is running out.

Don't bury the truth, it'll only get you down and out the hard way.
Don't say I didn't warn you, cause tonight might be the last chance to walk

I wanted to get out to pretend I was changed for the best,
As I lied through my teeth.
And I was waiting, I had things on my mind I don't need.
When it was over, I was falling down,
Turned around, I looked the same but I felt the part.

Sand was slipping through the cracks
I pulled myself from the ground and came inside.
The hours passed, moments started fading.
The only thing I could do was try to get away.
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Lying Through Teeth Lyrics

Belle Epoque – Lying Through Teeth Lyrics