Got sick of school and that shit was contagious
I made class sick
Then made classics
I made class sick
Nigga I make classics (x2)

Fuck you mean, I'm average?
Median? Mode? Savage!
Can't scavenge ya
After I hunt cha
I'm the hip-hop culture vulture.
Parents think that I'm too vulgar.
Mom don't know that I'm a smoker.
Rollin papers, writing papers,
Got that Lambda Pi Eta.
That's that higher education
It's the money that I'm chasing
Mitch I'm racing while you pacing.
Now I made it, why you hate it?
Why you hating? You's a basic biiitch.
Hope I make ya siiick

Gotta make them ends, gotta cop that Benz
Use a pistol or a pen.
The means justify the ends. (x2)

[Hook x2]

Pain and passion poetically pour from my pores.
Painting portraits of penance with the pen.
Did you just witness my genius?
Oh, you wasn't listening? You missed it!
You slipping, you sleeping,
You slackin', no lackin' on my end.
No, no, no, no new friends.
Just loose ends and loose leafs.
No loosies.
My loose leafs be rap sheets.
My rap sheet, so far clean.
But studying got my mind sick.
Swear this school shit got me violent.

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Classick Lyrics

Bella Bahhs – Classick Lyrics

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