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Alone Lyrics

Being As An Ocean – Alone Lyrics

It's hard to be a realist in this world where real doesn't exist
Thankfully, I much prefer to dream
In this place that we live, pointing blame, we've lost all sense of logic
Nightmarish scenes on repeat
Have we forgotten that we created it all?
Fascinated by manipulation, seduced by power, molded the clay all wrong

What happens when we reach out and find that we're all alone?
There's something missing
What happens when we scream to the night, "Is this all we know?"
Is your heart listening?

The earth's bounty is rich, but children will continue to starve while we mistake human rights for privilege, our brother as enemy, war for economy
Oh, how we abuse our imaginations!
Focus our ambitions selfishly instead of dreaming together, forgiving dysfunction, to end the collective suffering

Where's your love?
Where's your soul?
Has the whole world's blood gone cold?

When did our souls become so lazy?
Heads in the sand to avoid the hurting
Shit tends to repeat itself when we refuse to fucking learn from history
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