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Omnipotent Carnage Lyrics

Beheaded – Omnipotent Carnage Lyrics

[Music & Words: D. Bugeja]

Morbid images carved inside my mind
Reoccurring thoughts left undefined
Stream of mental anguish eerily defiled
Flows through passages of the undivine
Disturbed covenant spawning malevolence
Gods clash in unbridled abhorrence
Contrived hymns chanted to ease the mind
Of forlorn disciples forever blind
Dreaming bleeding faces of man created gods
Bathing in abundant torrents nourished by their blood
On their draining endowments hungrily I consume
Growing stronger as I feed my senses bloom
Feasting on this inexorable opulent carnage
Blood soaked I indulge in this omnipotent lineage
Immortality and prophetic visions I acquire
Fulfilling my ever inexhaustible desires
Shallow creatures, self - aggrandised entities
You're just a product of man's mental sterility
Corrupting your way to complete domination
Time is due to obliterate this misconception

[Solo: David]

No more tortured souls of sacrificed human beings
As your presence slowly parts from the world of living
To be imprisoned in abysmal depths for the rest of all time
Putting an end to these obscure visions of mine
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