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12 Slays Of Christmas Lyrics

Before The Harvest – 12 Slays Of Christmas Lyrics

On the first day of Christmas
I lost my Sanity
At the sound of Carols echoing

On the second day of Christmas
I burnt my family
2 dead parents and my neighbours hanging from their pear tree

On the third day of Christmas
I start my killing spree
I took Santa from the store,
Blood stained floor, as I bludgeoned him until his death I saw.

On the fourth day of Christmas
I grab my rusty sword
Running down the street
Hacking at the kids
Cutting off their heads
What was covered in white is now red

On the fifth day of Christmas
The cops are on to me
Time to get away
Find a place to hide
Until they pass me by
I've got to get out
Get the fuck away from the scene

On the sixth day of Christmas
I steal some cunts car
Driving on the side walk
Heads pop under tires
Bodies bounce off wall
I'm overcome with joy
As I play with my new toys
That being the entrails dragged behind my brand new sleigh

On the seventh day of Christmas
It time to smoke some weed
Hang them by their feet
Line them down the street
Make them fucking bleed
This fuels my need
As I continue to feed

Every fucking year it's the same thing. Better fucking buy. SPEND SPEND SPEND. Don't you see that they have you under complete control. You are a puppet in their consumerism campaign.

On the eighth day of Christmas
I've done my bloody deed
As their screams fill the air
Crying in despair
Carving at their throats
Dismembering all hopes
My vengeance I have reaped
Making mothers scream
Weeping at the seem
As my seed has now been spread.

On the ninth day of Christmas
They find my lifeless corpse
In the corner of my shed
Hanging by a thread
Severed at the neck
Shotgun to the chest
Ripped up at the legs
A Message etched in skin
For this unholy sin
And a grin from ear to chin
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