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Cause For Alarm Lyrics

Before Braille – Cause For Alarm Lyrics

Pull the plug from the machine
You'd rather it be fatal than deformed
Out of luck with surplus, they'll take the farm
You'd rather eat your tongue before you starve

Elected to Die

When did you discover...Something's wrong?
Does it take an amputee to raise and arm?
Caught a club to the head...A place to start...
Need a million skulls to make a mark

Padlock on clarity
Lose grasp on reason at midnight
Too late to join the parity
Too bright for what you wanted to see

Elected To Die

Guest beds for heroes under
Sedation and mild discomfort
Safe days are vacant and in need of change

Pencil lead to sketch a phony
No ink, so no ink poisoning
Consider us complacent vacation time

Let's talk about your clemency...Aint it fun
For what you should have said instead you hold your tongue
And I wait for the reprimand to come
Hope it hurts to hear advice, enough that I use some

We've got doctorates in
Excuses and mild Tourettes and
It's gonna take time to master the Fall

White Out to change the story
If no one sees it then there is no glory
Don't write it down, chisel in stone
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