She is so pretty
And she loves to dance
She look your way
And boy, you got no chance

She got such style
She got such grace
Look in her eyes
You just can't look away

Don't even try
Just give up the fight
One question why
Why's she so uptight?

Loosen the bone, Wilma
Maybe it's wound too tight
Loosen the bone, Wilma
Everything (everything) gonna be alright

She is so smart
That when she go to school
Everyone ask her
Ask her the Golden Rule

She speak with style
And she don't put on airs
She'll make you smile
With that bone up in her hair

She wears it well, well, well
Yes, she is quite a sight
Everyone ask her
Why she's so uptight?


She is so sweet
She got a heart of gold
She'll do anything
To help someone she knows

She got such style
She got such class
A cute smile
And even cuter ass!

She got the bone
Wrapped in her hair just right
Everyone ask her
Why's she so uptight?

Chorus x 2

Loosen the, loosen the bone (x4)
Wilma... (x8)
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Wilma Lyrics

Beer Dawgs – Wilma Lyrics