"My desire is unbearable.
I can't control it.
I've convinced myself that it won't subside.
The accusations unfold and accumulate.

My actions have only one word.
Attrition's not enough;
There's only one thing to do.

I will plead for penitence to repent for my vice.
It will be my penance to crack the 'Whip of Lust.'
I will be redeemed and rise!"
You are safe for now.

Someday, the story will unfold.
Until then, you'll have to live with yourself;
Press your lips to the cross.
"It could have stopped, if only I did.

I confessed too late, now no one will forgive.
But I won't let it go, won't let it be.
This time I could fight this.
I won't let it change me at all.

I won't let it force me into it.
I can pull myself above my mired life!
It will be for the best when they know I'm gone;
I will rise.

Behind closed doors inside a monk's robe,
Panic bristles the hairs you try to maintain as you take what you want.
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Misuse Their Bodies Lyrics

Beep Beep – Misuse Their Bodies Lyrics