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Nuff Gal Lyrics

Beenie Man – Nuff Gal Lyrics



So man fi have, nuff gal, and gal ina bungle
Gal from rema, gal from jungle
Nuff gal and none A dem mustn't grumble
All ghetto youth, unoo fi tek mi example
Have nuff gal, and gal ina bungle
Have nuff gal and none A dem mustn't grumble
All ghetto youth, unoo fi tek mi example

Verse 1:
Bim, the one burner business nah work again
Cause one man fi have all fifty gal friend
If yu stop drink routes start drink it again
Cause yu haffi have the stamina fi service dem
When mi talk bout nuff gal, just understand weh
Weh mi mean, suppose mi want fi line up all A
Netball team, one gal can't mek di team, neither
Two gal can't fulfill mi dream, so mi haffi mek
A walk over portmore scheme, gal A gimme money
Gal A keep mi clothes clean, gal fi cook, gal
Fi press, gal A stitch mi gabadine


Verse 2:
Hey hey yu done know sey mi got mi wife A mi yard
A she have mi kids and drive mi honda accord
But that nah go stop mi from have gal A broad
All mi do use mi condom cause man A no fraud
One girl ina yu life bring misery
One gal alone can't satisfy mi
Wait unoo fi got sey mi A half cooley
Mi have white liver and white kidney
But mi black like A tar and mi strong like A lion
Any gal wuk dem haffi wantreach zion, gal haffi
Cry fi this piece A pipe----


Verse 3:
Well now I want unoo listen and understand
I man A flex like king solomon, gal A wash
Mi foot, gal A wash mi hand, gal A brush mi
Teeth when mi just done naam, gal A tear off
Mi roof ina mi bed dem want land
Woman A walk, woman A cry fi di wickedest slam
Woman A sey that dem only want di long magre man
Just to give them deh style and whole heap A pattern
Dean frazer, come solo di song

Repeat verse 1:

So man fi, forgive mi, just want mi, just hear mi
Sing seh

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