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Be My Lady Lyrics

Beenie Man – Be My Lady Lyrics

For all the girls, didn't want us when we were nothing
No Thing
Now Lexxus, Flexxus, to Texas us oh ah

Now she want be my, be my lady
But she never want, be my be my lady
Be my little lady, be my be my lady
Woh, woh, woh, be my be my lady
Now she want, be my be my lady
But she never want be my be my lady
Woh, Woh, Woh, Woh be my be my lady
Woh, woh, woh, be my be my lady

Verse 1:
I use to love har for ever
Think so she smart but tha gal ya no
Clever, how she left all mi fi Peter, and just
Wha, day mi hear sey that she dying
For hungar, she left all mi yard and a style
Man as fraud, and just wha day mi hear
She live a tenament yard, man a treat har like dog
She all a borrow all george and just wha day mi hear
She kotch a Suzie yard, man a call a night bout
I fi tek back Joyce, mi herb up all mi phone and sey
Tha bwoy deh bright, when mi and Joyce a par
Man mi treat har like star, and Joyce run left him
Through rent a car


Verse 2:
Well this girl use to drive mi crazy
And this girl use to rule my mind
Most of all when she turn around and
Give mi that fancy smile
All through that, this girl never want mi
Because a B. M. C. Her husband a drive
But when she see mi in a mi Honda Accord
The Gal a scream and she start mek noise


Verse 3:
But Big Up, the girl dem weh stand by
Beenie, stay by mi side when nothing nah
Gwaan, but now mi turn big super star no
Bother think mi a go run left mi fat gal dawn
All the girls dem weh nice and lovely, Beenie
Man nuff a dem never want, but through mi step
Up ina life, and start eat food dem a jump and France


Repeat Verse 1:

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