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Bad Man Lyrics

Beenie Man – Bad Man Lyrics

Intro (1)

Oh, a dat a oonu a gwan wid
Oonu a bawl, caan oonu claim mi come pon T. V wid rupaul
No man caan jump bad man wall
No naah stall alright first

Intro (2)

Dong dong, dong dong, dogger diggy diggy
Dong dong, dong dong, dogger diggy diggy
Dong dong, dong dong, dogger diggy diggy
Dong, words wid meaning, hey

Man a bad man and man nuh mingle wid nuh rodman
And if yuh this di program yuh is a dead man
Either by a shot or yuh hang
Jah jah ranks pass mi m-i

Verse 1:
(niggers bleed jus like us) picture me being fraid of a
Bwoy weh bus di same gun as me
(niggers bleed jus like us) picture me being fraid to defend my life a G. P
(niggers bleed jus like us) picture me run away from a fight a some bwoy mussy bright
(niggers bleed jus like us) picture me being fraid fi lock off a bwoy life like a light
Willie haffi squeeze the desert es
Better yuh ease nigger leave
Well gun shot a surround yuh like breeze
Well copper shot a tek a bwoy like bees
Caan believe, yuh hear mi steve, bad man just get grieve and sing seh


Verse 2:
Well fi live dung ainna di jungle yuh haffi have whole heap a skill
Yuh haffi tek a lot a chill pill to kill
Well big up all di man dem from warricka hill, hill, hill
What is my favourite attack when mi dress up in a mi frock
Wid mi wig pon mi head, sixteen over back
Bragga dagga dagga da twenty five body drop
But mr. Ria, mr. Squire, bredda nia, bad man a flex like vampire
Mi wi shot dung a bwoy and nyam him liver
But first the D. J haffi utter

Verse 3:
Weh yuh think all my guns are for
Forty-five in control jus to explode on a bwoy soul
Time changing things re-arranging more guns bussing
More man dying from back in the days of pure mass murdering
Well everyday yuh hear another likkle youth gone
And another m-16 man born
Man plant peas and waan reap corn
What a gwaan, what a gwaan
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