Can I get a hallelujah, can I get an amen?
Lemme tell you how we done it here since way back when
People get a bad idea, then they try it again
Pretty sure it must be something in the water

Do it for Jesus or do it for free
Keep a round in the chamber, and save one for me
So now let's take a peek behind door number three, and we'll see
Hot damn, this is Jim Jones country, baby!

Even back in the beginning, I knew that something was wrong
People shaking hands and smiling and just playing along
Even then, I knew we couldn't keep this charade up long
Even then, I knew they kinda shouldn't oughta

So let's raise a glass to the soon to be past
Bottoms up real quick 'cuz it's gonna go fast
Take a good look around, 'cuz this ain't gonna last, here we go
Hot damn, this is Jim Jones country, baby!
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Jim Jones Country Lyrics

Beef Supreme – Jim Jones Country Lyrics