Was it You who spoke the earth to me
And wrapped it all in mystery for the taking
For the taking?

Is it You who turned away me soul
From evidence so beautiful that you gave me
That you gave me?

When I'm falling in the shadows of the Son
Only You remain, the hope of what's to come.

'Cause on a night like tonight
You bring me to life
And remind me there's another side of day yeah.
Where I will see all that you are
More than a sky full of stars
And the worries of this world will fall away
On the other side of day.

Is it time that gets the best of us,
Reminding all the rest of us that it's fading
That it's fading?
Oh, but you still hold the hands of time
And pave the way to Paradise.
Can you take me, can you take me?

'Cause the world is just a shadow of the Son
Only You remain, the hope of what's to come.


We're all in love alone
Finally make it home
To a world of wonder
And love is not a lie
And all you seek you'll find
Your search is finally over.

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Other Side Of Day Lyrics

Bebo Norman – Other Side Of Day Lyrics

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