Will you come visit me when I'm in prison?
My outside sweetheart
Bring me birthday cakes with contraband inside?
Outwit the guards

Or will you write me a tear-soaked letter
The last two words: "I tried."
Or will you keep me believing in our future, cause it's kinder just to lie

Honey, what's reasonable to expect from you?
Sayonara or staying true?
Posting bail or bailing out?
Oh, will you let me down?

Will you come visit me when I'm in prison?

Clothes: Green
Food: Grey
Walls: Blue

Will you forgive me for all the mistakes I've made?
You've made some too

Or will you mail me that tear-soaked letter, where the first word is "Goodbye"
Maybe just vanish into the ether, cause it's kinder not to lie

Honey, what is fair to ask of you?
Giving up or seeing it thru?
My last chances have run out
... I know I let you down
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Prison Song Lyrics

Beauty Pill – Prison Song Lyrics