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Just Checkin' Lyrics

Beautiful South – Just Checkin' Lyrics

I came in here just to see his guilty face
I' m just checkin'
He' s been dead twenty years but a sort of missed the chase
I' m just checkin'
I' ve seen folk just like her, pop their noses round the door
They' re just checkin'
If this is where the husband was between 1 and 4
They' re just checkin'
Nothing hit' s so definite, hit' s so hard
When he' s moved from Old White Hart
And he' s doing the Old Graveyard
We' re running a check. On the love we had taken away
We' re running a check. That death was a fortnight astray
Nothing hits so definite ... (repeat)
The mask of sobriety for afternoons he' d save
I' m just checkin'
If he could fool me regularly he' d certainly fol his grave
I' m just checkin'
I' ve seen those widows pray for the hunt they had taken away
They' re just checkin'
They pretend they just popped by like they popped by yesterday
They' re just checkin'
I came round herein case he left a slate
No one settles up round here, like the widowed or the late
We' ve seen folk like you settle bills or family feuds
But no-one' s bought a drink for those that death excludes
We' re just checkin'
We' re just thinkin'
We' re just sinkin'
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