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Mayonnaise Lyrics

Beatnuts – Mayonnaise Lyrics

What's up with the music?

Loca! Yeah, junkyard
Yo play some music shorty, will you suck my dick?
Come on man

What's up with the music?

Loca! Yeah, that's how I like, junkyard!
Psycho Les, Beatnuts
Pligga, please, pligga, pligga, pligga please
Pligga, please, pligga, pligga, pligga please

Are you feelin' this beat man?

Check it, (everybody!)
I said check it, check it (everybody!)
Listen (the funk baby)
All chromed out, pullin the Benz out
No more little motels, I'm up in the penthouse
Countin cheddar, hustlin shows for crazy paper
While shorty's in the front row, trying to squeeze my baby-makers
Off the anchor, wake up and smell the sancor
Bitch want to sit on my lap like I'm Santa in the VIP
Getting my dick sucked by a red-head with big juggs
Taking pornographic pictures, let's make a sandwich
Pull down your panties, crack open your buns so I can spread the mayonnaise

Haha, delicious, (yo that shit is crazy)
yummy, bust nuts in your tummy
yeah baby

I'm crazy horny, I want to ride the pony (repeated)

For all the dirty hookers out there, I see you, I see you
Nodding your head, playa!
Hey miss, you want the mayonnaise between the buns or on the side?
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