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Dehaka Lyrics

BeastKiller – Dehaka Lyrics

[Vocals: Dehaka]
I listen
Do not aggravate me
I wonder, how tastes your essence
I must collect essence
It is the core of my being
It is, essential

[Vocals: Dehaka]
We are the zerg
Your essence will be assimilated
Resistance is futile

[Transition Vocals: Dehaka]
A rival pack leader once tried to test me
I consumed his essence with terran fava beans

[Vocals: Dehaka]
Change, change
Every evolution is a choice
Every change affects the final outcome

[Transition Vocals: Dehaka]
I just flew in from Zerus and boy is my arm tired

[Vocals: Dehaka]
So when the choice is yours, click on the right one
You think I change too much? No such thing

[Buildup Vocals: Dehaka]
Primal zerg do not have a psionic connection
Do not need it
My pack has a family texting plan

[Buildup Vocals: Dehaka]
So many different kinds of essence, hundreds, and more arise every year
Life will not be contained

[Drop Vocals: Dehaka]
With essence
We are the zerg, your-
It is

[End Vocals: Dehaka]
Overmind tried to control the zerg, to direct and harness evolution Life will not be contained, no... life, ah, finds a way
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