Slay Gabriel for his words are denied
And let the unspoken form a race
The most beautiful angel agony amplified

Court the nephilim to their rightful place
Asmodeus, torture Raphael

For his healing hands were severed
Murder Tobias and rape Sarah
Submit all your might into pleasure
Pax in excelsis

Dilacerate Uriel for his wrong answers
And let the truth be heard
In your dogmas I am the cancer

Ripping the pages from your book of absurd
Satan, eviscerate Michael

For his blade has struck
Crush his head on the last nightfall
Avenge all the children he murdered
Pax in Excelsis

Satan, blazing hellfire
Leviathan, serpent of water
Ruler of the earth, Belial
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Pax In Excelsis Lyrics

Beastanger – Pax In Excelsis Lyrics

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