This is where the punks hang out
And I would like you
To take me home
Now is a good time
But not as before
But that's my catchphrase these days, don't you think

They turn up at noon
So we still have time
No I don't want to meet somebody
I might find
Interesting or new
I just wanna be with you
And that too can change
Just like that

I tried to snap out of it
They way you seem to do
So easy
But it's not for me

I know they're not evil
Or even bad
In fact, they don't annoy me
Half as much
As this pointless waiting
For one thing or other
To break or go insane
Away or finally come home

I'm staying in tonight
With my records
I bought a stupid brand
New one today

I tried to snap out of it
The way you seem to do
So easy
Everything lasts
Everything stays the same
Nothing you can say will make it change

Still change
I want it to change
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Punks Lyrics

Bear Quartet – Punks Lyrics