Ever since we moved here
I've been outnumbered, I swear
Everything's wrong: my accent,
My clothes, my eyes, the list is long

If I had a matchstick for
Every dream turned into a nightmare
I'd build a horse and
Kindly lead it to thunder

Heard them call me names, they called my name
From which all meaning's been drained
For a laugh, the itch to abuse and humiliate
But I don't care, I no longer care
Whatever I live for it's not there

I no longer go places
I only leave home
So well adjusted to the boredom
Through which life flows

My little sisters, their well-known features
Up on the bridge
Where are they going and why
What do they think of life and love

Heard them call my name, they called my name
Smiled and waved they saved my day
Yes I could walk with them and yes I'd love too but
It won't happen I'm waiting for a flashlight to come
Switch me back on again
Then I'll try to catch up and then I'll call their names
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No More School Lyrics

Bear Quartet – No More School Lyrics