Couldn't sleep with your shuttering
Finally the light came to shine on the one thing I crave.
Wouldn't speak; wouldn't dare
But I will follow your voice almost anywhere
Hope she knows what's knocking on her door

I can hear them say
"there's still hope for everyone"
In the mountain shade
Could have sworn she said
"you're the one i'm counting on"
So I must be brave

Give me grace
Never fear, never feign
Between the love and the loss
It all weighs the same.

(bryan taylor)
Until I dive I feel like I'm sea sick
Seems like an easy fix
But I cannot meet half way
With a freezing ocean bay
It's turned to ice now.

The light came to shine on me
Was I put here purposely?

And as it comes to an end
The flames return to smoke again
Don't wanna say it again
All I wanted was you
Though I know you were never here
So i'll just go

I can hear them say there's still hope for eveyone
I can hear them say there's still hope
Give me grace
Never feign
Let me lure them away
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Blue Ruby Lyrics

Bear Girl – Blue Ruby Lyrics

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