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Change Lyrics

Beanie Sigel – Change Lyrics

They say change gone come
but its a long time comin
my legs tired
hundred million miles runnin
on life's treadmill
runnin in place
but still i run wit the race
i think back on my wonder years
food stamps shorts of wonder bread
my mom dukes
young, wild, loose learned a less
i got my truths from the older heads
u went 2 church n took a different route
u got ya truths from out the bishop mouth
i drunk the juice that turn dish about
dem double duces turned my system out
and them zanies and the weed too
fuck it i'm still here

though its hard in the ghetto
dont you let go
cause a change gone come
said a change gone come
i know your tired of the waitin
hold ya patients
cause a change gone come
yeah i know it is

What it like
the big houses
the cars
the dog
pickett fence
and you his wife
but depict this life
you know them FEDS
got them pictures right
i know ya stressed baby girl
feel what you going through
cause if they kick in that door
you know you going too
cause every thing in ya name
from the phone bill
to the deed on the house
i gotta find a way to ease out
but you cant you feel trapped
you think back
was it really worth it
this lifestyle could you really afford it
you then lost 4 lives
yours and the 3 you aborted

but its so
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