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Worry Worry Lyrics

B.B. King – Worry Worry Lyrics

Worry worry worry
Worry is all I can do
Oh worry worry worry baby
Worry is all I can do
Oh my life is so miserable baby
Baby, and it's all on account of you

You hurt me so bad baby
When you said we were through
Oh you hurt me
You know you hurt me so bad baby
When you said we were through
Oh but I would rather be dead baby
Then to be here so alone and blue

Someday baby
Oh... Someday baby
Oh! Someday baby
Oh! Oh! Oh oh yes
Oh! Someday baby

"Ladies. I said ladies... Ladies if you got a man and the man don't do like you think he
Should... Ladies you don't hurt 'I'm. I said don't you hurt him! Man happens to be
God's gift to women! So ladies you must know that the man is already grown so you can't
Raise him over again.

So the thing to do is throw your arms around him! Hold him close to
You! Look him straight in the eyes! And then you tell him... You tell him, you
Say "now baby you been messing up, but I know you gonna do me better." And when he
Look at you as if he wanna know when, then you tell him... "Someday baby." And if it seem
Like he's hard of hearing or not paying you much attention or something do like you ladies
Are known to do.... Put your hands on your hips and then you say it again... Ow! He have to
Be a mighty hard hearted person not to listen to you.

But I don't think it's fair to just talk to the ladies, I think I should say a few words to the
Men too. So fellas... I said fellas! Fellas if you got a woman and the lady don't do like
You think she should,
Don't you be goin' upside of her head now. You know what I'm talkin' about, don't you be
Beatin' on her. The judgement's much cheaper if you don't beat her. And you see if you hurt
Her you only do one thing... I said if youhurt her you only do one thing! You make her a little
Smarter and she won't let you catch her the next time. So the thing to do is throw your
Arms around the pretty little thing! Now listen to me, listen to me... I don't care if she
Weigh thirty-two and a half pounds wet or five hundred and fifty pounds on her feet. If she's
Your lady and you dig her, than she's your pretty little thing... And then you tell
Her! You say "Baby! Baby I don't care what they say about you on the next block, your
My little lady and I dig you. Let em talk, let 'em say what they want to say"

And fellas, you must know too that the ladies, God bless their sweet little souls, ladies
Happen to be God's gift to man too fellas. You all agreed? You better say it cause your wife
Is listening. But there's just one more thing I must say to you fellas, just one more thing.
Don't be too proud to beg. I said don't be too proud to beg! If you have to fall
Down on your knees to let your woman know that you love her, go on down there!
... I can see some of you cats got dirty minds in the place this evening... What I'm tryin'
To say, ladies love to hear their men say "BABY I LOVE YOU!" Don't
You ladies? I said ladies love to hear their men say "BABY I LOVE YOU!"
Don't you ladies? So fellas tell your lady that you love her! ... She might
Think you're lying though. Tell your lady that you love her even if you are

But seriously speaking, when I goof, when I goof I usually slide up to my woman and I look
Straight at her... I have to get my look first... I usually say I look like a little puppy begging
For that last bone you been holding out on. I look straight at her and I say "baby! ... Please
Forgive me honey! " And then I wait a few minutes to see how she take it. And then I
Say "BABY! ...Please forgive me honey!" And then I stand back far enough so that when
She swings I can duck... And then I say "baby! You know when I goofed last week I
Was high... "If she let me get away with that then I look at her real pitifull like this.... Say
"baby, honey you know when you're high it don't count. " and then I tell her, I say
"if you forgive me honey I'm gonna do better."And if she look at me as if she wanna know
When then I tell her "SOMEDAY BABY..."

Yes someday, baby
When the blood runs cold in my veins
Someday, baby
When the blood runs cold in my veins
You know you won't be able to hurt me no more baby
'Cause my heart won't feel no pain
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