What's up with this silence?
Down with this silence. Where
We're going and where we stay.
Content with this silence.
Content with everything left
To be. Content with this
Silence. Every thing we already
Know. Content with this
Silence we will not be
Grounded. This is a battle,
Why call it a (battle)? This
Is a war why call it a (war)?
This isn't my idea of freedom
And where did we go wrong? So
What now? We compromise
Compromise you. So what now?
We compromise? I promise you.
We resort to the violence but
It's the silence that keeps us
Where we're going and staying.
Content with this silence, up
With silence. Some people try,
Some people die, built up
Inside. I'm gonna make the
Best of this life.
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Mandatory Option Lyrics

Baxter – Mandatory Option Lyrics