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Of Battle And Ancient Warcraft Lyrics

Battlelust – Of Battle And Ancient Warcraft Lyrics

Behold my throne dressed in black
Upon which I rule these wastelands
For many centuries have I been
And shall forever be
These lands has been under my powers
For centuries and centuries again
The throne became mine after the war
The battle against the ones of the light
Suddenly a mesanger storms in
-"Hordes of white have appeared"
War! The thought cleanses my mind
Centuries have past since the last time

The time has come, I bid farewell
The lands I rode shall burn again
The sword I held shall slash my foes
And victory shall be laid upon me once again

Prepare for war! The words echoes in my mind
Sounds of armour and weapons reaches my ears
Feelings of obscurity and hate pours into my soul
Now is the time for pure fucking armageddon
We the warlike army of the infinite darkness
Shall once again ride out and create chaos
We'll ride out towards the blackened horizon
And forever blow out their candles of life
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