Do you think I'm a piece of shit
Because I act a little funny and dress a little different?
You don't know me, what I believe,
What I aspire to be.
Do you think I'm a total freak
Because I sleep in class and never laugh
At your stupid jokes
Like the puppets on your social rope?

Withour you high school glory, you've got your guard down.
Now are you wishing you hadn't acted like the class clown?
Because the people who laugh only laugh
Because they're scared of being humiliated in front of the class.

Would you be totally hurt
If I said I didn't care about your sports
And money and parties?
Isn't that fanny, isn't that fanny
That it is probably driving you nuts,
Because to you it means so much?
But when your 4-year kingdom is done.
You'll be all alone; have fun, fun, fun


Sit in your back yard and reminisce
You're old, you're a has-been.

Nobody keeps in touch with the assholes who talk too much,
So when high school's over, your reign end,
And the same reasons that made you the coolest guy in school
Will leave withour and friends.
Cause we've had enough.

Me and my friends have had enough.
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Has-Been Lyrics

Battery – Has-Been Lyrics