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Parasight Lyrics

Battered – Parasight Lyrics

[Music: Storesund, Lyrics: Olaisen]

Block the menace, the downpour,
The jibber, the ache...
Let the crust blister. It's for you to taste
To immoral for you to digest but,
Did you ever step over the line?

Get up!
Take that second step
What you were is over,
Now it extends
Explode anew bury the old
To extend
To unfold

Everything is just a mess
Think you got me on the ropes
If you thought I wasn't good,
I'll leave you to your woes
To tell you what you needed wasn't enough
I could spell it with a fist
I could tell you,
But I wouldn't miss this

Watch their faces
Pump it up
Knuckle white
It's not enough

The tide breaks against the memories
Are you still here?
Were you ever?
Bleed your fears; I'll raise you up,
Open your mind, oil your thoughts
Turning back did you ever learn a thing?
Your standing between now and "could-have-been"'s
Sick of holding, of caring, of giving a shit
You made you don't come fucking complaining to me!
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