It's Like A Whisper Of A Bird
It's Like Stairway To heaven
It's Like Smell Of Money
It's Like Holy Song For You

Breeze From The Hole, Deadly Poison
If You Need Help, Must Take Money Out
Breeze From The Hole, Snore Of The God
If You Hear It, Must Take Money Out

Is His ass Singing? God Bless Him
Eat His Dear Book, Good Noise Be Born
Lies From His Mouth, Stink From His ass
His Speech Is Heaven Without Gasmask

Even Flower Of Low Price Gives You Good Smell
If Someone Is In Trouble About Your Wind
Are You Happy? Are You Happy?

Holy Song For Yourself
Holy Song For Yourself

Holy Scum
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Holy Song For You Lyrics

Bathtub Shitter – Holy Song For You Lyrics