I was caught in a place
Far away from the light
What I saw, I couldn't face
So I closed my eyes

Wish I could turn back the page
Rewrite my point of view
Save all the time you waste
Got to get gone, gone

Don't let it escalate
Don't fight, it's just no use
There's nothing left to say
Got to get gone, gone, gone

Forever is over
And my heart's not gonna fight
Forever is over
And I'm no longer afraid

'Cause if I don't get out now, I may never escape
Your power is fading away
And I'm getting so stuck
To the place I belong

Forever is over
(Over, over, over, over)

I don't want you to tell me
You found someone
'Cause I got no distance
Left to run
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Forever Is Over Lyrics

Basslovers United – Forever Is Over Lyrics

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