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Fuck Victoria #LLJ Lyrics

Bass Santana – Fuck Victoria #LLJ Lyrics

To Bass be the glory
I don't wanna hear myself
I like to hear my voice naturally (aye, aye)
One headphone on, one headphone off
Long Live Jah

[Verse 1]
Jealousy's something crazy
You commit a sin but you cast a stone at a baby
Compared to us my nigga we too grown for all this hatin'
Just like that pedestal on that stance you tryna play with
Advance with that conversation
Over some nominations
Over some legendary status you never tasted
The world fell in love with Chance the Rapper
You wasn't patient
And now it's everyone else fault that you didn't make it?
Miss me with all that hatred

[Verse 2]
Huh, who dat on yo playlist
"I bet it ain't Vicky" that should be your motivation
And if i'm clout chasing at least you alive to take it
And it ain't even worth all the bars that I'm overstating
But somebody gotta do it (bitch)
Who wanna fight you?
Nobody cares about you
Nobody hates you or likes you
"Real Niggas Only" I guess they failed to invite you (ha)
Slipping in and out of your image
Like how the fuck we gon find you
When you can't find you

Real shit nigga
Find yourself first before talking about other niggas

[Verse 3]
Some niggas got slept on
Some niggas kept goin'
Some niggas ride the wheel off until they hard as us
Some niggas stay behind
Some niggas stay in line
Some niggas just complain and never work hard enough (ha, ha)
This nigga eyebrows on some fucking unity shit
Face off mister I look at the camera like this (aaargh)

[Verse 4]
Tell 'em watch they mouth
Before they speak up on a star
Because if you speak on a star
You might just get yo' wish (god damn)
Niggas don't feel me god damn (god damn)
I won't go platinum but you gonna hear this online (Boi)
Niggas in they feelings so am I (huh)
Ice gon' get him nigga Tank gon' get him or I (bitch)

Thou shall not rock with no bitch nigga
Fuck Victoria LONG LIVE, uh
This that Members Only shit
Make that shit a religion
Fuck Victoria LONG LIVE, uh

Dear Jah
As I go in the battle
Huh, hmph, hmph, hmph, hmph, hmph
Help 'em understand that I made some decisions that i'm not proud of
Huh, hmph, hmph, hmph, hmph, hmph
Help 'em understand that we came to our solutions even though We bumped heads on so many matters, now nothing matters (hmph)
Let my dawg rest, bro

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