"Oh lord I'm tired and sad
And I want you oh so bad
I've been away so very long
Now I want to go home.

So remember that I love you
That, my dear is true
Just say a prayer for your man. "
This letter's post-marked 'Vietnam'

"Last night we had a fire fight
Machine guns firing tracers through the night
And as we fought,
My thoughts, they turned to you
And I knew, somehow, darling I'll come thrgouh

I've fought in many places
And I've seen war's thousand faces
But after this, my wars are through
And I'll-I'll come home to you

Even thought I'm far away
I'll think of you each day
I'll come home when I can"
This letter's post-marked 'Vietnam'
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Letters From Vietnam Lyrics

Barry Sadler – Letters From Vietnam Lyrics