Take your first look around
And see the world you're coming into
Ah, have a good cry
I sympathize with you

Ah, forever gone is your serenity
For the fleeing fawn
There's no sacred tree
They'll try to make
Hypocrisy of your heredity

So choose your views most carefully
The future's hope is on
What you turn out to be

Child of our times
Child of our times
Product of our society
What will you grow up to respect
Tell me what will you
Grow up to protect
In your burning, turning mind
You are your own worst enemy

Every minute you're alive
You're that much closer to death
So try to make the most of
Each precious breath

Ah, don't wave banners
You don't believe parasite
You'll have to discover
Your own wrong and right
Just color your perspectives
Black and white

They'll label you weird
But that's all right
They'll thank you in the end
After they've seen the light

[Repeat chorus]

Ah, the heroes of the past
Were all good guys
But the leaders of the next war
No one will memorize

Only the orphan child
Will sound the cries
Of a mistake that could
Never be rectified
I'm telling you now
'Cause you can stop it if you try

[Repeat chorus]

Child of our times
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Child Of Our Times Lyrics

Barry McGuire – Child Of Our Times Lyrics

Songwriters: P. F. SLOAN
Child Of Our Times lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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