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Sing It Lyrics

Barry Manilow – Sing It Lyrics

from album: Barry Manilow (1973)

This is actually strictly dialogue between Barry and his grandfather, Joe, made circa 1951 or right around that time. They were at a "Record Your Own Voice" booth, and this is approximately how the conversation went.

JOE:All right! "A Happy Birthday", come on, go ahead, sing.
BARRY:What? What?
JOE:Sing. I have the words for you, sing it. Sing it. Sing to me! "A happy birthday to you"
BARRY:N-no, I can't! I have to go to the bathroom.
JOE:All right, go ahead, Barry, sing it, sing it! Sing it! Go ahead.
JOE:I said now. Go ahead, sing it. "Happy" Go ahead, come on. Come on, sing it! Come on, go ahead.
JOE:Like this, "Happy" Come on, go ahead. All right, my dear grandson, "A Happy Birthday". Barry's gonna sing to you a nice song. Go ahead, Barry, sing it! Go ahead, sing it! Come oncome on, Barry, sing it! Sing "A Happy Birthday". Barry, don't you want to sing it? Come on, Barry, sing itWell, I'm sorry, my dear grandson, Barry, don't want to sing for you. OK, what do you want to sing? Do you want to sing a rhumba? All right, sing the rhumba. Go ahead, Barry, sing it! Go ahead, Barry, sing it! Go ahead, Barry. Come on, sing it. Come on, Barry! You gotta talk to make a record. Don't you want to make a record? Don't you want to make a record? You want to make a record, Barry? Huh? Go ahead!
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