When I was young
All the gas was so plentiful
Bountiful, oh, liberal
My tank was full

And all the pumps on the street
They would dangle so happily
Joyfully, oh, playfully filling me

And then a shortage arose
And I tried to be sensible
Logical, economical, responsible

And now they doubled the price
Filling up can be ludicrous
Ridiculous, I get furious

There are lines that
Stretch across the land
How much can we withstand
They're holding back the fuel

So instead, in traffic jams I fight
Crouched on my sister's bike
I really look the fool

I said watch where you park
Cause they siphon in after dark
What a lark, oh, and when you start
There's just a spark

And if you run in line
You'll be pushed out in double time
And soon you'll find, oh, you'll
Be behind the last car sign

Oh, pump it, pump it
Pump it, yeah

Don't you think
It's getting out of hand
Pumping out with a gas can
Don't tell me it's all gone

They say odds and
Evens will see a few
Please tell me what to do
The lines are far too long

They're so long
They're so long
They're so long
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The Topical Song Lyrics

Barron Knights – The Topical Song Lyrics