Murderous intent
I can't see it in your eyes
There it is again
Light cyonide
Burning off the skin
There's a fine line
Between what's loved and lost

Bleeding from within
No tourniquet
Everything you did
There's no end to it
I was just a kid, save it for
Someone as evil as you

I've waited for so long
For someone
Who's only thoughts
For leve, rerst in the lust
That we scream at night
My dreams speak
Embodied in this shape
My only price in hand,
This sorrow
Some how this never ends

The time will come
We'll be together again,
There's no way to end
These scars still remind me of you
Rip my hear right out
Consume the ash that's left
Bur me underneath
These stars taht spell
Our your name
Now everyone can see
The demon in your eyes
You can't face it
So you run away
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Captain Geetch Lyrics

Barnida – Captain Geetch Lyrics

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