I wanted to write a lyric about god for this song,
Not about all this fucking evil which religion is and religious people do,
But how could I write something good about nothing especially, humn, real?

I have already thought Mark Smith could be God.
Of course, I was wrong.
Well, at least I saw him as Jesus once, on the telly.

Religious people in practice act just as they think atheists do.

Bang and Crunch are just Bounce or Rip and Freeze are
Just the same heat death.
Branes, all branes in a bulk.
Flakes, all flakes in a bowl.

God could be gas, but isn't. It's just gas.

Heidelberg was a really strange place then,
When the folks began worrying about digging and monoliths,
Just like Atapuerca.
But Eridu and Thinis weren't enough to avoid the Axis, on the contrary.
Controlling subjects was tempter.
Death, from selfish fear became an others hit,
A Top of the Pops number one single.
But it's all gas, axial.

Cynophobia indoctrination.
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Dog On Leef I Lyrics

Barins – Dog On Leef I Lyrics