So we're doing a song by a band that comes from sorta this part of the country
They come from uh
Oh it's not part of this country at all
I thought I was, I thought I was still in cleveland
I'm just kidding
So I drove up lakeshore drive for the first time in my life
And I must say it's a beautiful drive
Chicago is a pimp town huh
Like I'm not trying to get you to cheer or anything
But it really is
Alright this is a song by a band called ween

The sky dripped in a demon sweat the night she left
Wrapped up in a blanket and I'm feelin' wet
They said she flew from the goals in her life
Then she wet like blood from a knife
I'm here, and it's all so clear now

The wind flows and it's blowing cold, but I'm still here
Gripping onto what's not around
And it's all so clear to me now
Now I know, sometimes I try a bit too hard
But I can't let go of you
Boo-hoo boo-hoo

Thank you all very much
A little rock and roll interlude
This is a new song
This song is called charles takes a walk
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Demon Sweat Lyrics

Bargain Music – Demon Sweat Lyrics