(Verse 1)Rosella:

Here on my island the sea says hello
Dolphin's are waving wherever I go
There's a song on the breeze
And a home in the tree's
Friends I can talk with whenever I pleased!

Azul: here on our island the playgrounds are great~
Sagi: slide every slide,
Tika: and you don't have to wait
Rosella: there so much to be seen
Tika: from our new trampoline ~
All: finding adventure's our daily routine

Sagi: bird's and bananas
Azul: a comfy Cabana's
Rosella: and shell covered vases to fill
Sagi: coconut glasses
Tika: and mint with molasses
Azul: and pineapple patties to grill

[Verse 2:]

Rosella: here on our island there's nothing but fun
Sagi: vines you can swing from
Azul: a nap in the sun
Tika: there are mud pie to make
Sagi: and a branches to shake~
All: treasure's await any road that you take!

Rosella: I'll take the high path
Sagi: and I take the low path
Azul: and I'll take the path through sky~
Rosella: I'll jump the river
Sagi: and I'll climb the mountain
Tika: and I'll stay here guarding the pie~
Tika's giggle (Ehehehkh)

[Verse 3:] All:

Here on our island the days are a dream
Hanging together, we work as a team
And the magic extend
Through our family of friends ~
Here on our island the fun never ends!
Sagi's Talks: last one in a rotten papaya!
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Here On Our Island Lyrics

Barbie Rosella And Friends – Here On Our Island Lyrics

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