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Kathy Lyrics

Barbara Kessler – Kathy Lyrics

The last time that I saw you
Part of you had been shut down
When we were young how I adored you
How you always played the clown
The other kids were frightened of you
And that crazy laughter
Oh but that's how I still think of you
You knew what you were after
Oh Kathy, whatever happened to you
Are you really happy letting this guy tell you what to do
You always had the last laugh
You always had the last laugh
Oh, Kathy
Are you laughing now?
Who knows how we were broken
Who can say just when
You started smokin'
And I stuck to the plan
I was frantic for approval
Like a moth around a flame
I thought you were too cool
But now I know you just hid your shame
Oh Kathy?
In that condo outside Portland
Where I saw you last
He did all the talkin'
Couldn't get down to the past
Oh I know why I'm uneasy
'Cause I couldn't pin down the change
We're never quite what we seem
But, now, you might say the same?
Oh Kathy?
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