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Melancholy, Infinity, Agony Lyrics

Barathrum – Melancholy, Infinity, Agony Lyrics

My soul is freezing
I fear to see another day
Another day that is filled with this emptiness

Just in darkness I can take my breath
Oh, and I think that even darkness is gone
Hell in my soul with hundreds of torturing demons
All my hope seems to be like sand
Never well-kept in my shivering hands
Never stop running down from my fingers
Alone in the dark I just howl for the moon

Bleeding heart inside me
Light of sanity is gone
I think that I am lost
No one close that could be with me
No one close that could be just me
I used to have one of nocturnal beauty
Killer of pain, the one that kissed
Kissed in the way that I could kill for
Anything, anyone; except the one

Misery, agony, dark pain is ripping my soul
Desperation, depression, all light is gone
Torment, death, reaper's blade is close
Sadness, darkness, you fill my soul with those

Cliff is close, sinister feeling
The overdose of darkness creeping
For all those demons who tear

My own soul which is filled with fear
I welter in pain, come, hold me tight
I wish the gain from touch of the night
The one that I care I'd like to return
Once more to share the warmth of the flames that burn

The darkness is tearing and ripping inside
The light of sanity is leaving my mind
I think that I will go insane
I run in night can't stay in light of day

Is this my final destiny
To cross the river of death
Through the bridge that mortal walks just once
Just once, just once, .. no more
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