Love is such a precious thing
Something you feel with in and
Love is such a simple thing
But yet so complicated
Love can fill your heart with pain
Then build you up again
Love can wash away the rain
Bring back the sun again
And when it all has gone I fell like dyin'
Now ya make me live again
Everything I had I feel I've lost
And now I've got so much to give

Such an ordinary thing
Can feel so unfamiliar
All in all it's what you bring
That makes me whole again
And promises were made like they were broken
But I learned to trust again
Now that you're the one that I have chose as my
Reason for to live
Star with me at happiness
And I will do the same

You are, you are, you are the one I love
You are the only one I'm thinkin' of
You are the one, you are the one
You are, you are, you are
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Love Is Such Lyrics

Bar 7 – Love Is Such Lyrics