Go out to home and back
On the street
Drinking some fucking junk beer
Feel the power in the vein,
The metal forces take your brain
Banging, Thrashing, Slashing.

Go to the show appealing
A chain, with
Power, hate and metal in vein
Spikes leather reign supreme
Alcoholic destruction is near
Drink, Kill, Fight.

Fight for metal tonight
Pray for satan and die
Destroy the poser now

We're Speed Metal Warriors (x3)

Straight to the hall to
See satan tonight
This is the temple of
Our sacrifice
Infernal forces with blood red eyes
Are possessed by speed metal demons
Pray, worship, destroy.

Screaming guitars like
Sharpened razors
Are ready to cut your ears off
Drums of doom make your
Head explode,
Satanic Speed Metal is ready
To kick your ass
Banging, thrashing, slashing.
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Speed Metal Warriors Lyrics

Baphomet's Blood – Speed Metal Warriors Lyrics