Bow to the King,
He's marching down the aisle
His subjects start to scream,
They've waited quite a while
The King is dressed in red,
His fist are hard as lead
He's waited months to meet,
The man he's going to beat
Bow to the King!

He slowly steps inside,
Across the canvas hide
He hears the bell to fight,
He's blinded by the light
Bow to the King!

The King begins to move,
His movements are so smooth
The man moves to his right,
His eye's are filled with fright
The King connects a right!
The man is turning white!
A jab has crushed his jaw,
The man begins to fall
In fifteen seconds flat,
He's put him on the mat
The man is counted out,
The King has won the bout
As the bell begins to ring,
The crowd salutes their king
With fist up high, they jab the sky,
He's won again they sing!
Bow to the King!
He's won again!
Bow to the King!
He's won again!
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Bow To The King 2 Lyrics

Bang – Bow To The King 2 Lyrics